Group Coaching for

 Photographers, Creatives
& Start Ups

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If you're a photographer or a creative, or a start up wanting to create a small business and you need some inspiration and direction, this coaching is for you! Especially if you're struggling with where to start and everything there is to do. 

It's very challenging starting your own business and it can often feel like a lonely place too.  


  • You're trying to do everything yourself .....all at once

  • You sometimes sink into that self-doubt head space

  • How do you attract clients without a portfolio or ability to showcase your work

  • Often you feel like a fake and that other people in the same business as you are doing it better

  • You're afraid to charge what you should because you don't think you're worth it

  • You constantly worry that you're not getting enough business

  • Negative feelings start to creep in and you feel like throwing in the towel


Is any of this you?  If you can relate to just one of those above, then this coaching is definitely for you!

  • Are you wondering how to get clients without a portfolio?

  • How to market yourself, again without a portfolio?

  • Are you thinking you're not experienced enough to be a professional that clients will pay?

  • I bet you're looking at other creatives' websites and thinking you're no good (?)

So many questions. But don't worry you're not alone, and there are answers for all of these and everything else going through your mind.

This is a 10 week Business Coaching programme for photographers, creatives and small business start ups; and the benefits are enormous. The great thing is it's online so it doesn't matter where you are in the world.  I will stress though, even though it's online, you'll still have interaction with me, so you won't be just watching videos by yourself for 10 weeks!

Here's what you'll get

  • One live coaching group call per week.  This is a great foundation to know that whatever you're experiencing, you're not alone.  And it's a great platform to bask in each other's glory! You'll also have a Q&A session with me, and you'll leave each session more informed, educated and you'll have your questions answered.

  • Each week you'll have a coaching webinar to watch at your leisure during that week

  • There'll be an assignment for you to do each week to progress you forward in your business goals

By the end of the course, you'll 


have greater confidence

be less self conscious and more comfortable getting yourself out there in front of your tribe, your audience


know who your ideal client is and how to target them

have effective targeted marketing skills


have the mental tools to kick those feelings of self-doubt to the kerb

be able to set great and effective goals, and know how to achieve them

have a business that's fun to run, and on it's way to success

And there's more......


BONUS : You'll learn from an expert who will give you specific advice and guidance on a particular area of your business process, e.g. marketing, visibility, social media, branding, etc worth £199

BONUS : You'll get guidance from another professional photographer who's been where you are ; and this can help you with your brand identity strategy.  worth £97

BONUS : Work sheets to keep to help you continue towards your success worth £99

BONUS : One year membership to the COACH HOUSE closed Facebook group, where you'll get more guidance and coaching to continue in your business success worth £240

And did I mention - you will have fun!!

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I Cannot Wait To Connect With You