10 Step Kick Start Your Business Programme

Self Study

This programme is for those of you who find it hard to follow a structured programme, because of busy lives, shift work, bringing up kids, etc.
The self-study programme allows you to work at your own pace however it suits you. 
What you'll get on this course:
  • Webinar Modules
  • Workbooks
Each Module covers:
  • Identifying who you are and your big 'why'
  • Identifying your Ideal Client
  • Recognising and managing your emotional and mental blocks that sabotage you
  • Reprogramming yourself with a robust mindset towards self and money
  • Effective goal setting and accountability
  • Creating a portfolio/previous work to showcase
  • Branding Strategy
  • Building a killer website
  • Building skills to create effective ad campaigns
  • Review and Improvement of your amazing Creation!
By the end of the Programme you will have transformed and...
  • be much more confident in yourself as a small business owner
  • have a brand new set of business skills
  • learned how to connect with your target audience and clients
  • have a mind-set for success
  • become the amazing person you've been aspiring to be
  • create a business all of your own
Grab your course now. Worth £997 for just £397

See what people say...

Having someone there with such a positive view on goal-setting has been just what I need to keep me on track.  Strongly recommended.

Dee is always there and uses the network around her to ensure she provides you with the right advice.

She is passionate about her student success and encourages you to do your absolute best. She is the definition of what a true leader and mentor should be.

I Cannot Wait To Connect With You