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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

A positive mindset is absolutely essential to remain positive and to achieve success.

Believing is the first step towards success

Just like a negative mindset can lead to the blockages that hinder your success. So it's vital to your success that you check in with yourself and work towards having the right mindset that unblocks your pathway towards living your dream and achieving your goals.

Your Voices and Your Belief System

Do you ever talk yourself out of your goals?

There are so many phrases that are often regarded as cliche, eg. "believe in yourself", "you can do anything you want to do", "believe in your dreams", "live the dream". BUT. Phrases like these don't come out of nowhere. They are very real and they have an enormous effect on your mindset. Ask any successful person.....this is what they live by. This is what they believe. And this is why they are successful.

A vital ingredient to your success is to absolutely believe in yourself. To go after your success as if there's no alternative or plan b! You are going to reach your goals....and your dream.

This isn't to say that there won't be 'failure' along the way. What's important is your response to so called 'failure'. It's important to recognise that 'failure' isn't the destination, but part of the journey. A bump in the road if you will.

What do you do when you actually go along a bumpy road? You might change gear, or swerve a little. But what you don't do is stop heading towards your destination. Right?

Your career and business are the same. You keep heading towards your destination, towards your success, towards your dream, until you get there!

Your Mindset and Your Goals to Success

“Believing is the first step towards success”

Have a think about your life and some of the goals you've set along the way. Have you ever talked yourself out of reaching your goals? Have you ever (unintentionally) made excuses as to why you can't reach those goals? This is your mindset. It directs and drives you into many different places. This, your mindset, contributes to the landscape of your life and your business.

Once you're able to recognise this, you can take steps to cultivate a different, positive mindset. Easier said than done? But not impossible. Take some quiet time to think about the things that might design and create your mindset.

Does your mind often get overcrowded with chatter? It happens to me for sure. When this happens take action!

This chatter is made up of internal and external voices which influence how you think, what you think and ultimately your mindset. For example:

  • How you regard yourself. How much you do or don't believe in yourself. Remember - there's a part of you that decided to embark upon a career path, or a busiiness, or a dream, or a goal. And you owe it to yourself to believe in that career path, your business, your dream or your goal.

  • We talk to ourselves all the time, in our minds - without thinking, in an unfiltered haphazard way. Now is the time to think about what we are saying to ourselves in our minds and how we are saying it. Are you talking to yourself in positive language or negative language? For example, are you saying to yourself "I don't want to fail"? Nobody wants to fail of course. Or are you saying "I want to succeed"! Our minds and bodies hear and feel everything we say. So whilst your mind is ticking over with internal chatter, be present and take some control of how you speak to yourself. This goes a long way to adjusting your mindset.

  • Other people (friends, families, colleagues, etc.) will also contribute to the landscape of your mindset. Whilst your people will have your best interests at heart, this can often hinder you - I'm sincerely sorry to say. "Can you afford to do that?", "I don't think you have enough experience", "Are you sure you want to risk self employment?", "Is now a good time for you to quit your job?". Again, your mind and your body will hear and feel all of these voices and imprint on you. Keep loving these people, but to help you believe in yourself, to inject your mind with positivity, these voices must be cast out of your mind, and this will be the best thing you can do. Surround yourself with people who are just as excited as you are, with people who have a positive mindset, with people who wholeheartedly believe in you. This doesn't mean you're not being realistic. It means you're focusing on your journey, with the right people in your vehicle, with the right voices in your head. Your mindset is everything!

How Do You Get into Right Mindset?

Where do you start? Allowing your mind to simmer down and quieten is the best place to start. To start, ignore the chatter in your mind. Try to engage in something else.........your breath, some soothing music; something that can completely take you away from the noise. Then introduce something positive. Read a book about success. Read a book about self-belief. Engage in affirmation. "I will be successful". "I can and I will do this". Let yourself absorb these words and really feel them.

Make this a practice, something you do every day. Maybe in the morning before you get out of bed or before you leave the house. And keep talking to yourself positively throughout the day.

Pay attention to what you are thinking, and what you are saying in your mind. Any negative language coming towards you, show it the hand and make it turn around and leave!

You've got this!

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‘The view you adopt for yourself profoundly affects the way you lead your life’. Angie Zimmerman

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