10 Step Kick Start Your Business Programme

One 2 One Coaching


I'd love to work with you on this  'One 2 One' 3 month programme, it's without a doubt the most beneficial way to receive coaching. 

Each of us are designed differently.  Your needs are very different from the needs of another, and when you're given the space and time to receive coaching which is only about you - just you - the benefits are truly amazing.

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, with the powers of technology you'll benefit from personal coaching from me, and it would be built around you and your needs.  

We'll address and plough through the challenges that you experience, and we'll only cover what is relatable to you.  You'll have a personal programme which spans across 3 months:


  • We'll have an initial brainstorm where we'll address only what is relevant to you in your desire to step through the journey to your success.  You can throw it all out there and we'll go through it together.

  • We'll plan the journey by setting goals that we set together, rather than me throw irrelevant goals at you.  This is totally about what YOU want to achieve and I'm totally here for you to help you achieve these!

  • You'll have weekly 60minute 1-2-1 meetings with me in a secure online environment. During each of these you can share openly with me the challenges and achievements from the week before, and you'll have the opportunity for a personal Q&A.

  • You'll receive a weekly coaching webinar to follow; and you'll have assignments set with objectives to go off and apply to your career and business, for which you'll be accountable - we'll go through these in the following week 1-2-1 meeting.

During all of this you'll benefit from guidance and coaching on

- setting up your business (if you haven't already done so)

- cultivating your mindset into continual positive attitude and approach to your business

- networking and your support system

- embracing and dealing with self-doubt, imposter syndrome and any other challenges relatable to you

- identifying your ideal clients/customers

- branding, website design, social media

- making yourself truly visible so that clients/customers can find you

- Specific and targeted ad campaigning so that you can find your clients/customers and they can find you

This One 2 One programme is designed to transform you and your business and put you on the pathway to success in 3 months.

As a BONUS you'll also get

- Work material to keep and continue to work through at your leisure worth £99

- FREE membership for 1 year to the COACH HOUSE closed Facebook Group where you'll receive ongoing guidance and coaching to help you continue driving your business forward  worth £240

- A 45 minute 1-2-1 'health check' meeting with me 6 weeks after your coaching worth £199

WORTH £3499

Your Investment : £1997 (payment plan available)

I Cannot Wait To Connect With You