10 Step Kick Start Your Business Programme

Group Coaching

Get on this 10 Step 'KickStart Your Business' Programme to get the tools you need to go from amateur to professional, without....


  • spending enormous amounts of money to get there

  • the worry of not having a portfolio or previous work and clients to showcase

  • the dreadful thought of not being able to find clients

  • having to post on every social media platform

  • having to jump on different mini 'how-to' courses that get you nowhere


This programme is created for you to get what you need to kick start your business..... all in one place...

to go from 'fed up' to 'booked up'

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Kick start your small business as part of a group.
What you'll get on this course:
  • 10 weeks of Webinar Modules
  • 10 weeks of live coaching calls
  • Workbooks to keep
Each Module covers:
  • Identifying who you are and your big 'why'
  • Identifying your Ideal Client
  • Recognising and managing your emotional and mental blocks that sabotage you
  • Reprogramming yourself with a robust mindset towards self and money
  • Proper goal setting and accountability
  • Creating a portfolio/previous work to showcase
  • Branding Strategy
  • Building a killer website
  • Building skills to create effective ad campaigns
  • Review and Improvement of your Amazing Creation!
By the end of the Programme you will have transformed and...
  • be much more confident in yourself as a small business owner
  • have a brand new set of business skills
  • learned how to connect with your target audience and clients
  • have a mind-set for success
  • become the amazing person you've been aspiring to be
  • create a business all of your own
Grab your course now. Worth £1297 for just £597
THERE'S MORE.....Bonus Bundle worth £599
✅ Branding Strategy Coaching Webinar & Workbooks
✅ Brand Photography Coaching Module
✅ 1 Year FREE Access to THE COACH HOUSE Facebook Group

See what people say...

I didn't realise how much this would change my life, and being in the group helped me realise that I'm not alone.

- M.S. London

Dee was is fun to work with, and she brought out a passion in me that I never really knew was there.

- T.W. Gravesend, Kent

Dee simplified things and made it so much easier. I really enjoyed it.

- M.K. Surrey