I'm so excited you're here!

Next Group - 2nd January 2021 This is an amazing 10 week coaching course that you'll get so much from if you're a photographer or creative or small business start up wanting to create and run a successful small business.

This is your time to take what you know, your passion and your skills and turn it into an exciting, fun and successful business that you've been dreaming of.

You'll be a more confident version of you, great for running your business. You'll acquire so many more skills.  In 10 weeks you'll know how to target and attract your ideal client, you'll identify your brand, you'll be visible so that clients can find you, and you'll even have the skills to create your own website.

There's so much waiting for you on this course. You'll be amazed at your own transformation as you go on this great great journey towards your career and business success.  

Go at your own pace.....I totally get that not everyone has the time to follow a structured 10 week course.  You might want to take longer or you might want to dive in and get through it as quickly as possible.  

This self study coaching allows you to do just that.  You'll get all the coaching of the 10 week full coaching, but without the weekly coaching calls.

That said, by the end of the coaching, you'll still take away brand new skills so that you can create and run a fun and exciting new business.  You'll learn so much, and the journey will be truly amazing!

You'll be given the tools to be a more confident version of yourself to run your business, the tools to identify your ideal client and market yourself well, create a killer website, be visible on social media and so much more.