Let's talk about you....

I bet you thought  'About Us' was going to be all about me! Absolutely not.  It literally means ABOUT US .......as in you and me!  But mostly you. Because this site, my blogs, my courses are all about inspiring you, coaching you, guiding you towards your career and business success. All about you.  


What's it like for you right now?  

  • Are you experiencing self doubt  and wondering "do I have what it takes to do this?"  

  • Maybe you're looking at your competitors and thinking "they're all so much better than me!".

  • Or are you suffering with that debilitating imposter syndrome where you feel like a fake who doesn't have the experience or the right to do what you do?  


I promise you you're not alone.  These are the emotions and experiences that plague us all when we're starting up or running a small business.  

There's so much to learn and do:

  • market yourself

  • understand who your ideal client is

  • social media

  • content

  • building a website

  • and so much more


I'm here to help you.

You're starting a business or already have a small business because there's something special about you.  At some point you had a dream and are at a very important chapter in your life....wading through the realisation of that dream.  

You know that you have something which means you can help someone else. This is what your business is about.  Whether it's taking someone's memorable photos, teaching a child to swim or designing someone's website because they cannot do it themselves.


You're right here, right now......and I'm going to help you break through these obstacles and and coach you through this amazing transformation.

A bit about me too....




So I'm Denise, and the people that I love (including you!) call me Dee.


I've always felt completely at home when I'm teaching and coaching others, sharing what I know.  If I could knit, I'd want to show the world how to knit too!

I've worked at many things throughout my adult life, but they've always led back to the same place.....teaching and coaching.

When I was in my mid 20s I took a coaching course in word-processing and IT (that was the thing in the early 90s!).  When I left my secure job, that was what I did - teach others.

I'm a yogi at heart (and I used to be a gym bunny....really?!).  But that meant I just had to do my teacher training. So in my early 30s I qualified as a fitness instructor/gym coach and a yoga teacher.  I have to say, yoga has never gone away and I don't think it ever will.  That's helped me to connect with who I am on a massive scale.  I didn't leave it there, I then qualified to coach and qualify student yoga teachers.  There are probably 40-50 yoga teachers that I taught and qualified.   This was a huge challenge for me because to do this I had to get into the psyche of so many different people - I learned a lot about myself in this time too.

I've also been a certified workplace mentor, I've delivered corporate training, train-the-trainer.....you name it.

I'm a photographer.....yoga, photography and coaching is where I've landed, I truly feel that.  Anyway, I'm a photographer, I shoot weddings mostly and people. That's what I love, people.  And I also teach photography to beginners and hobbyists. Again, I feel so at home doing that. 

You see that continuous thread throughout my working life?  It's where I'm meant to be.  Coaching has been yelling at me!

"Dee, get out there and help others do the best they can! Help people to reach their goals, help them to find their truth!"

So here I am.  I'm right here, right now for you. The  thing you probably want to know is with all that experience, am I trained to coach. The answer is most definitely yes! When I decided to listen to and answer my calling, I went ahead and got myself trained and certified as a Business Coach.

Oh, I'm also a mum to two beautiful, clever, creative and funny humans.  I'm a wife to my soulmate; the most awesome and ambitious guy. And I love my crazy anti-social dog! 

Andrea Lee - Nail Technician

Owner of &Pause, Surrey

Dee has given me so much help: the benefits of using good photography, of communicating with your audience (in all aspects of social media), the huge importance of branding and not rushing into it, learning to believe in yourself, having the guts to go with it, to use the network around you (people are so happy to help). Finally, she is always there and uses the network around her to ensure she provides you with the right advice.

Les Best - Counsellor

Owner Les Best Counselling, Derbyshire

Working with Denise has been invaluable in directing me in growing my practice. Her ability to get me to think and focus on driving things forward has opened a creativity vein in me I didn’t know existed. Having someone there with such a positive view on goal-setting has been just what I need to keep me on track. Strongly recommended.

Deepa Sidhpara - Wellbeing Coach

Founder of Begin at Source

Denise has a foresight to see something in you that you don’t see yourself, and with out telling you what to do, she has an amazing ability to bring out your own passion on both a professional and personal level. This is where I would shine under her leadership.

She is passionate about her student success and encourages you to do your absolute best. She is the definition of what a true leader and mentor should be. 

I Cannot Wait To Connect With You